Serving in the Kaverns

Serving the free is one of the most important tasks performed by the kajirae, it is done with attention to the Guest and to details of the serve. Details are important, but it is your style and grace that make the serve uniquely yours, try to “serve” from your heart, not a script or s ‘series of steps to be done’.

In all steps, be sure to clarify very clearly who you are talking to, the pronouns Him and Her can get a bit confusing when one is trying to watch a serve and converse in the room. It is your charge to be sure there is no confusion in what you are doing and who you are doing it for.

There are variations of serves found at the different sites, this site does not claim to be the authority and end-all expert on serves and serving. But, girl is Gorean and can tell you what she feels and has learned from others and from doing.

Remember, as a kajira, you are a very beautiful and desirable creature. Paint a picture of yourself as that sensuous and lovely kajira. Let the Guest enjoy your “vision” as you serve. Be sensuous but within limits, don’t “tease” a Master if you do not plan to back it up.

Once you begin a serve that is where your attention and actions are to be focused. No other distractions should stray you from your course. Only an order from your Owner or other Master in charge is to be acknowledged. Let the Guest know that He is the one your serve exists for.

There are several basic steps to a serve. These include:

1) getting and acknowledging the order to serve

2) approaching the Free

3) listening to, acknowledging the orders/instructions then rising

4) walking to the kitchen, washing of hands

5) selecting the vessel/dishes

6) cleaning the vessel/dishes

7) preparing the order

8) returning to the Free

9) kneeling with the order

10) doing the actual serve

11) finishing the serve and departing.

When asked to serve, be prompt, acknowledge the command. Request to approach the Guest, then describe your movements from your rise to the approach and kneel before the Guest.

Kneel at a respectful distance then ask what you may serve or do for the Guest. Do not call to the Guest from across the room, it is lazy and rude to expect the Guest to be calling His order to you.

Acknowledge the request you are given, it is often a good idea to repeat the request so that you and the Guest are sure it is correctly received. If it is something that varies in its serve as in temperature or could be served with additions, make it clear what your orders are before you rise.

Once you are sure of the request describe your rise, turn, and walk to the kitchen – what do you look like, how do you feel, what do you see? Paint a picture for the Guest to “see” you in service to Him. Enjoy this, be this, feel this to your very soul.

Let the Guest know it is He you serve only, that He has your full and undivided attention. This is the point where you will either keep the Guest’s interest or lose it. Do not pout in your serve if the guest seems to be paying little or no attention to you, He does not have to acknowledge your existence – but you, you have to serve with the heat of your belly, sister/brother, nothing but your best each time is acceptable.

Enter the kitchen, approach the shelves, take down or up whatever vessels/dishes you will need. Polish them with care. Make sure rims are safe. Describe your actions, the vessels, and the testing of them for safety. Use more than the sense of sight, include other senses, the more the better for the “sight” of the Guest – but still, do not bury Him in words.

Move into preparing the order, gathering materials, going to locations where the items are that you need. If you work at the hearth, how does the warmth feel, what does it do to you? If in the cool room, how does the cold air affect you, what is it like to walk on the cold floor? Keep the floor plans in mind so serves are not confusing from one kajira to another.

Gather your items together, check for pleasing arrangements, be sure you have everything you will need at the actual serve. Again, have you included as many senses as you can without over doing the serve? Smells, colors, textures, sounds, don’t overdo, but use them to assist the Guest.

Return to the Guest, describe your return, restate your focused attention on Him. If you are carrying several things, how are you holding them? How do you feel at being able to bring Him exactly what it is they ordered?

Kneel once more before the guest, as you slip into your kneel if you have a plate, slip it on the table beside the Guest. Keep the vessel in your hands for the actual serve. Describe your kneel and happiness at being there to serve Him/Her.

Complete the serve. You may need to add sugars, milk, or other parts to what is requested. Offer the vessel to the Guest. Utter words of hope for the Guest’s enjoyment and pleasure in what you have served. Release the vessel to the Guest, return your hands to your thighs.

Acknowledge any words of gratitude and praise, such words are not due you and are awarded only if the Guest feels you have earned them. Await further instructions. When you are dismissed, describe your rise and return to your position either by your Master or to the serving furs.

Those are the basics, you fill them in with your own style. Remember, you are painting a word picture for the Guest, the more complete your word picture, the more clearly the Guest can “see” what you are doing and enjoy the serve. Keep in mind the five senses, use them to help find words to paint your picture for the Guest.

Another thought here – use a vocabulary that does not distract and require a great deal of attention, after a few posts, some stop trying to decipher large words or overdone descriptions and analogies. You are there to please the Guest, not overwhelm with your ability to communicate with “five dollar words”.

Enjoy serving, if you are not happy with what you are doing, it will show in your serve.

If a Guest is present that you are very uncomfortable serving, let one of the Keepers in charge become aware of this, you will not be required to make the serve if it is at all possible.