Serves- Kajira vs. Bond

There is VERY real differences between a Bond (northern slave) and a Kajira (southern slave).  This is never more evident then in the way they serve the frees of Gor.  Here is an example of how a Kajira would serve:

Nara sits poised and calm, backside on her heels, back straight.  Soft green eyes lift slightly as she whispers “This girl begs to serve You, Master.”  

Nara softly repeats back the order before deftly stepping back and rising.  Lush curves unfold, chocolate tresses whip amidst a flutter of diaphanous silk, hips swaying provocatively, she shrinks away to the kitchen.

Nara pulls out a tray and sets it on the counter, wiping it down with a soft cloth.  In close succession she takes out a series of items, placing them on the tray; two bowls of sugar, one of cream, three small spoons.  She wipes each item, looking back at him as she polishes the spoons, a seductive smile gracing her lips.  Making sure he is watching, supple curves extend revealingly as she stretches past a cup that sits close to grab one on the high shelf, bringing it down and methodically polishing it as she walks over to the fire.

Nara carefully fills the cup from the kettle over the fire and sets it down on the tray.  Carefully lifting the tray, her eyes never leaving him as tender feet guide her past obstacles hard and soft to his side.  Unmistakable grace lowers her to the floor, the tray settling beside her.  Using one spoon for each, she adds four spoonfuls of the white and six spoonfuls of the sweet yellow sugar.  She delicately adds a drizzle of cream and stirs it in.

Nara shivers, feeling his eyes upon her giving her unimaginable sensations that only a slave can know.  She carefully holds the cup to her cheek, testing the temperature before gently kissing the side of it.  She ceremoniously lifts the cup high above her lowered head, arms extended, presenting the cup to him as she whispers serenely “Your blackwine with cream and sugar as You requested, Master.”

Nara whispers softly “Thank You for allowing me the privilege of serving You, Master.  This girl wishes You well, Master.” and slips away to serve others.

As you can see, very formal, very methodical and predictable.  The movements and serves are as practiced as one would the steps of a dance, very similar to a Japanese tea ceremony.  There is a very specific action for each thing that a Kajira must do in a serve.  The Kajira remind me very much of the Geisha of Japan.  The sensuality is there and hinted at, the Kajira are coy and covertly flirtatious with the men as if to say, “I am slave, and here is a hint of what you get with me.”  A man really has no idea of what the girl is but there is that tease and promise of something that he can conquer.

Now, to see the contrast, below is a typical Bond serve:

Adira steps to the man, smiling seductively as she slips up on the bench beside him, her smoldering body shamelessly pressing against him.  One hand slides across his strong back as her other crawls along his belt, finding his horn.  Tiny fingers stroke the horn up and down as she licks and sucks at his neck, whispering huskily in his ear “perhaps something warm to satisfy Your mouth, Jarl?”

Adira smiles softly as she turns, a soft finger trailing down His arm.  She quickly scurries away, the big horn held firmly in her tiny hand.  The thick air barely soothing as she cuts through it, the artificial breeze bowing to her molten flesh.  Fire dances across porcelain skin, her eyes flashing on the man as she quickly fills his horn, unable to keep her thoughts from what such a man could do with her.

Adira steps with a menacing seductiveness back to him, her eyes fixed upon him as her teeth hungrily press into her soft lips.  One leg on the bench beside him she lifts her other, settling it on his other side, her fiery eyes looking deep into his eyes she holds the horn to his lips, her lush wanton body shamelessly pressing against him, words softly slipping past a gentle moan “Here Jarl, something hot and sticky for You.”

Adira moves on to serve another, a sexy switch in her step as she turns her head and calls out “I love you my Jarl!”

Much less covert and much more direct.  There is no formality in a northern serve, no permission asked IF the girl can serve.  It is expected that a bond will serve a Jarl.  The Jarl knows by the girls actions exactly how she is willing to serve the Jarl and is openly wonton, attempting to gain this Jarls favor that it be his furs she is chained in that evening.  The Bonds are much more carefree with their emotions and desires as is expected of them by the men of the north.  Such boldness might be unnerving to a southern master as such reservedness would be to the men of the north.

Each slave, Kajira and Bond, have their place in the world of Gor.