~Rules for Free and slaves in KK~

~Rules for Free~

  1. Conduct yourself in the manner of your title, respect is earned, not given.
  2. Respect the Home.
  3. If the Home is busy, please do not expect to be offered a serve right away.
  4. The Home is run by the Owner, Swords and Keepers, while your opinion matters please do not try and change what has been working for us.
  5. Please do not PM the slaves without asking, if there is a Keeper around, you may ask them, or ask the girl in the main room.
  6. If there is only one slave available in the Home to serve, please do not keep her away from her duties to the Home.
  7. In kennels, only slaves, Mos and  RavenHeart are  allowed in. All other Keepers and Frees are not allowed.
  8. All Free drama is to be handled by a Keeper. If it cannot be solved by a Keeper, RavenHeart or his First Sword will resolve it.
  9. Free Women can offer to serve a Free Man if there are not any slaves around.
  10. Above all else, enjoy your stay at KK!

~rules for slaves~

1. All slaves must prostrate/karta and beg permission to enter the home. (all slaves must co-channel in #Kaverns_kennals as well)

2. All slaves must use honorifics and greet in proper order as following:

a. The One that grants them entry.

b. Personal Owner if there is One.

c. Home Owner ( Master Raven Heart )

d. Visiting Masters, Jarls and after that Mistresses and Ladies

e. Keepers of the Home, Men first, then Women

f. FirstSword of the Home and after SecondSword of the Home

g.  kajirae, kajiri

3. Silk levels for Home slaves are white, yellow, and red, learn constantly to improve.

4.  New slaves start as white silks, until their skills improve and get tested for yellow, they are also sexually restricted.

5. While serving mark! down in the Home and! up if available to serve.

6. Punishments are set by Keepers. RavenHeart, First Sword, Second Sword and Mos have final word on any of the punishments in case they are not suitable.

7. Free must ask a slave if they are available to PM or alcove. A Keeper might interject and prevent a girl PMing a Free if the Home is busy or if the slave is uncomfortable and cannot say no or is a white silk. A girl may refuse on her own as well.

8. group serves are ideal when 8 or more Free are in the home and there is less slaves. Ask either RavenHeart, FS, SS, Mos or a Keeper before doing so.

9. All slaves should attend one class fortnight to train their skills.

10. Take turns offering the Free, announce it in the kennels if the Mos is not there by denoting a( <<<  [Frees name]) to show that your are going to that Free.

11. Travelling from the Home

White silks- when you are a white silk, you are not permitted to travel anywhere outside the Home, you will need to focus on studies to become a yellow silk and focus on the Home as it pertains to learning the serves, drinks, foods, and positions.

Yellow Silks- when you are a yellow silk, you are permitted to travel with an escort to other Homes the escort can be a Free Person from the Home, or a red silk from the Home.

Red Silks- when you are a red silk, you may travel to Homes, and servers.

If you are going to travel, please keep an eye on the Home in case you are needed.

No one can travel to the Homes that are off grounds, as per requested by RavenHeart.

12. Any issues, please see to the Mos (Mistress Demoness)

12. Have fun and embrace your slavery!