Love Fest 2021 Dances

Demoness flicks the lights like at the Opera

Rhage> Ok folks I want to thank everyone for attending , I know the sluts have worked very hard and I am looking forward to some nice , competition , though this is for the pleasure of the Free, not whom wins or doesn’t , Have fun everyone , now I will turn it over to the top Bitch

Demoness laughs

BrutalHorse settles down on a perfect spot to watch

Demoness> Thank you all for being here, Free Women, I apologize in advance, there are going to be some HOT dances here this evening, to all the dancers, thank you for joining, we have a surprise for you, there will be cash awards given to the top dancers and the runners up in each category, so sit back, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Demoness> Out first dancer is in the beginner’s category, she will be doing the Sa-Eela

Demoness> dancer1, to the pit!

dancer1 waits naked in caged darkness, small form knelt on the hard floor, head bowed as loss courses through her. A chill seep in through tense knees as she stares, sightless, a jumble of tortured thoughts in the cave behind the waterfall of burnished hair. Rolling onto stone with stiffened shoulders and curling into a tight ball, grey light filters through a high window.

dancer1 opens startled sapphire eyes when a drum cracks loudly, a door opening, heart speeding, snapping into intense focus. Rising onto hurried knees, crawling manically to the bars of the cell, fingers wrapping around the pitted iron, filthy digits grip hard as trimmed nails dig into palms. Squinting into the blinding light, silhouettes of men framed in the shadows from the corridor.

dancer1 stands swiftly on bare feet, chin raised proudly, queen of her cage. Eyeing the men as they approach, smoldering with an inner fire, lean legs pacing as she strides towards them, a coquettish look of flirtatious need upon her face. Running slim fingers down her belly and onto taut thighs before turning her back on them, head whipping around to eye them over her shoulder.

dancer1 hears the dismissive grunt of the men, her scowl of indignation breaking over soft features as the cage is unlocked. Jerking wildly out of reach, a fierce growl escapes from ruby lips as the wildcat ducks low, naked body glistening. Hemmed into a corner by two men she pants wildly, lashing out with sharp nails, blood drawn as she scratches an arm, adrenaline coursing through.

dancer1 grunts as wild locks are gripped in a tight fist, a stinging slap across the face to remind her of a slave’s place, stunning her into quiescence. Pulled roughly from the cell with arms held behind back, marched with bruising tempo to the main hall, the smell of smoke and meat and men surrounding her, spying the Master on his furs, favored slave knelt at his feet.

dancer1 breathes through flared nostrils as she’s pushed to the center, the room hushing suddenly, free and slaves watching. A quick drum beats, heart matching it. Moving with instinctive grace, arms extended as she glides, hair tossed out and slim ankles cross, twirling tightly, leg extending out, toes en-pointe, moving to the hammering beat of drums, a rhythm that moves kajiran heart.

dancer1 gazes fully at the Master, heart swelling with need, body an inferno of desperation. The rhythm accelerates and hips undulate, tight bottom moving, aching body shown as she stretches back, small breasts with stiffened peaks standing out on dirt-spotted flesh, mixing with the freckles to paint pale skin like exotic markings, body flowing in the dance.

dancer1 watches the Master gaze briefly, eyes afire to watch before turning back to his other. Dropping to the floor with supplication she crawls, a whimper of barest need through slave body. Wild recollection of nights spent on his furs, gaze drinking her in, she pulls at the collar with the Master’s mark. Hand slipping down to flat belly, she presses, desperate for his attention.

dancer1 slaps a small hand down flat on the tiles of the floor, drums stilling at once, the cacophony of music over. Heart beating wildly in the silence, leaning forward again, willing the Master to see her again as she was, as she is. She kneels, panting, backs of hands on widely spread thighs, naked and throbbing, tears staining pale cheeks, famished and incomplete.

 ~la kajira~

Demoness> Next dancer is also a beginner, and is doing the sa-eela for us as well.

Demoness> dancer2, to the pit!

dancer2 breathes deeply, gaze lowered, hidden to the deafening silence, salacious curves twist slowly, hands search against invisible walls that surround her, low beating of the tabors begin as hands ball to tiny fists and pound to invisible walls, a tremble of scarlet lips, alone, afraid, torchlight casts its amber glow over ivory flesh to bring her slowly from the shadows.

dancer2 aches, unable to bare the lonely silence, pained anguish look contort on delicate features as she twists and turns, trying to break free from invisible cage, firm breasts rise, trapped in caught breath, sapphire orbs deep and raging like the seas of Thassa dance furtively to the faint sound of cymbals breaking through her lonely consciousness, head turns, searching.

dancer2 slowly prowls, a sleen moving on bare feet against warm sands, hands run up along the sides of sultry curves, dark lashes flutter, fingertips caress over velvet lips, a flirtatious grin cast, stepping back slowly to entice and lure Him in, the pluck of czehar strings striking a cord deep in slave belly, heat creeping to warm naked slave flesh.

dancer2 ‘s indigo orbs flash, torn, a quick dash backwards out of reach, legs taut and stretched as she rises on tips of toes, legs cross at belled ankles to twirl on balls of feet, dark golden tresses waterfall down and tease against bare back, turned from Him, tensed body shakes imperceptibly, fists tight trying to cling to the rebellion as it courses through veins, head held high in lofty and short lived defiance.

dancer2 sinks to knees as the crash of cymbals ring loudly, a tear escapes stinging eyes, quickly wiped with back of hand, cheeks flushed, her body folds and crumples as a desperate cry escapes, hands skim across ivory flesh of supple thighs to pull up along softness of slave belly, across firm mounds to pull and cling at steel that shines around slender column of neck, a quick scramble to feet, racing to Him.

dancer2 reaches out to feel for His strength, His muscular frame, a dimming of light, she’s lost him, steps quicken as she circles and searches, hair whipping from side to side, a glimpse of the purple talendar flower woven through long silken strands peaks, her search continues, falling to knees with another loud crash of cymbals that thunder, her body small and helpless in the wide expanse.

dancer2 falls forward on tummy, firm mounds crushed to the sands, hips push back to arch the curve of spine, feminine curves move in waves, eyes closed, pulling up to knees, ample breasts rise and fall as she breathes in the memory of Him, head lifts to His scent, ivory flesh rises in goosebumps as electricity flows to the sweet memory of His touch, embers ignite and burn, shoulders roll back as eyes flash open.

dancer2 ‘s soul bared in deep sapphire gaze, the soft caress of hands move over body to trace the path His once did, nails claw over splayed thighs as she lays back against sand, feet pull up to meet rounded ass as hips thrust to air no longer fighting her need to submit, to surrender, the drums pound to a quickened beat to soar to a crescendo, heat coursing through her body as the fire rages, its flames consume her.

dancer2 twists and writhes, toes curled, toned leg curve and sweeps to bring her to knees, a soulful gaze, a peace only found in surrender to Him, body folds at waist, luscious curves nestle between splayed thighs, her forehead kisses to the floor at His feet, fingertips reach for boots in supplication and surrender as music ceases, her heavy breaall that remains as she breathes the sweetest word..”Yours”.

~la kajira~

Demoness> Well the competition is fierce now, our next dancer in a beginner and is doing a Tuchuk slave dance

Demoness> dancer3, to the pit!

dancer3 pulls shoulders back, fingers twining, the air vibrates, the hollow beat of the Tuchuk drum seems to stride across the bare soil beneath bare feet. Sleek muscles strong from the slaves work tense visibly beneath sun kissed flesh, chin tilting proudly to display the steel of her collar, arms reach gracefully toward the open sky, feet move eagerly within the circle

dancer3 strides around the circle, slowly shifting luscious curves, arms raised delicately in the prairie evening. The loose ends of the chatka ripple with her movements, as though beckoning the eye to watch. Deliciously full hips tilt to the right then left, elevating sweet ass beneath the black bosk hide, the smooth plains of her belly quiver with anticipation

dancer3 taking light steps, powdering dust rise up from around her, obedient to the winds her movements make across the camp. The staccato beat finds a steadier edge, the low thrum of the kaska echo’s as though driven solely by the movements of the dancing slave, glancing fearfully around, flushed face making plain the heat stoked by the dust fire

dancer3 hopeful cerulean eyes freeze for the length of a heartbeat, as though caught by the approval in a Tuchuks smile, spurred on by the visible shudder of shifting emotions, like the winds through the grasses on Turian plains, strong lithe legs propel her forward, nimble curves and flesh bared for inspection

dancer3 weaving slender fingers through auburn mane, red koora a dash of colour against deep coloured hair. Soft expulsion of breath as she flings her head back, staring to the skies above, blue eyes tingle with the colour of the Thassa shine brightly in the fires blaze, windows into the needful heart and rising fire of slave belly.

dancer3 dances harder, hair flung back wildly, madly, embracing savage femininity, Red braid of the curla tied above swell of tender hips, shifting with every movement, highlighting the slope of the waist on the beast. Whimpers plead with those who watch, even as the rhythm of the drums seems to pull more and more from the barbarian slut

dancer3 shout’s out, pitching lithe form back, the fire merciless need sparkling in deep sapphire eyes. The sweet song of a flute begins to weave its way through the percussion. Arms rise, strong back arches, growing confidence shining through, silken form glistening with sweat, long strands of mane clinging to luscious curves, define this shadowed delight and delightful contours.

dancer3 licks at dried rose tinted lips, breasts thrusting forward proudly, straining at the hot leather of the kalmak. Glimmer and sheen of the slave sweat bejewels the dancing form, every movement seeming to shout desperate of how strong her well worked body is, how hot, how ready for use. Helpless to ignore her own nature, frenzied whimpers sound from with encircled throat.

dancer3 throws head back, eyes intense with shameless hunger. Salty droplets wash away shades of smoky ash from the fire, as face glows with radiant action. Beauty within Tuchuk collar, the beast spirals, beneath clasped hands, blazing limbs beckon, hips roll, twirling in circles on the dust filled plains

dancer3 sinking to the ground, breath audible, ragged, spine arches gracefully forward, pressing to the dust, arms crossing over head, body quivering with lust and desire, silken mane wildly falling around her as drum beat dims, body stilling with the silence, just a light murmur of the sluts voice lifting to the silence

la kajira

Demoness> Next dance is sa-eela, she is an advanced dancer

Demoness> dancer4, to the pit!

dancer4 step’s into the circle of golden sands, lowering to a kneel, head peering over left shoulder giving the Musician a nod, smiling before lowering dark gaze waiting for the music to begin, stretching her body, moving with a slow feline grace upon the sands, toned curves of rippling muscles flex as the beast begins to dance

dancer4 shift’s to arch back, breasts lifting as hips rocks, feeling the deep force within sending sparks of electricity throughout body, the melody ignites the air with its rich tortured tune, mysterious copper eyes burning with hungered passion, gazing out to the Free, exposed, nude and needy, free to express herself before the crowd gathered

dancer4 moves slowly before their eyes, the agonizing dance of a broken slave girl begins to unfold with each note plucked from the czehar, and with each shameless movement of helpless body, lifting to feet, hands caress the curves that emphasize her radiant femininity, as she sways hips seductively, body begins to glow with the natural desires of a slave

dancer4 wavy locks swirl about the dancers face, shielding tears that form, heated body begins to long for a touch, affection from only that Ones touch, raising hands to thick, silken mane, subtle scent of lavender escaping lifting the wild tresses over slender neck, arching back as locks slip freely through fingers to cascade lose and rich over desirable flesh

dancer4 copper eyes search the crowd, torturing herself with the desire of a strong hand devouring body, hips twist, turn struggling to seduce hunger for slave flesh, tears build, emotions get the best efforts were gone unnoticed as His eyes, drifting to the sands, slithering like a she sleen towards the Men, her whole being offering shamelessly before the them

dancer4 long lines of toned legs stretch, revealing completely the source of her intoxicating aroma of desires to be ravaged, struggled to catch his eye with the beasts lewd performance. Heart shattering, the shards piercing through chest as the dance continues to unfold only inches from his sight

dancer4 slam’s fists against the edge of the pit, furious and confused, rising, returning to the centre of golden sands, agonizing over him as body continues to move in heartbroken display of a love starved slave, longing takes over, frustration born from deprivation of carnal wish flowing hot through her veins, angry eyes shoot daggers towards him.

dancer4 dances, movements showing her obvious longing for Him and the emotional turmoil He puts her through, face reflects craving need, hands ball in small fists but subtle curves of the beast move with exquisite passion, unable to hide the fact that no matter how lost she feels, no matter how much fight, she still is a writhing slave begging to be used.

dancer4 lift’s hands to the skies, swirling hips giving those gathered a unobstructed view of sultry slut, need on display, dropping to knees, sprawling as tortured by its own inability to fight the uncontrollable need that seem to take on a life of their own, hands skim over breasts, sharp nails rake sensitive flesh leaving red streaks in their wake

dancer4 gasp’s falling to her back, eyes close feeling piercing gaze searing into naked flesh, the girl tormented by emotions, turning body over the sand, caressing skin seductively, arching her back accenting enticing curves, offering need fuelled body to him, entire body writhing, begging on its own for savage use

dancer4 listens to the song drifting to a end, the last note lingers poignantly in silence and tears sweep down glowing face as gaze lifts up to darkness, though surrounded by many, she’s never felt so alone, lowering head, suffering in silence with painful desires left, finally breaking the silence, whispering to the sands

la kajira

Demoness> Our next dancer is advanced, she is doing the super sexy pole dance for us, enjoy!

Demoness> dancer5, to the pit!

dancer5 sprawls as if thrown to the sands. The beat of a tabor starts with the rhythmical sound of a slaves passion filled heart. The solid metal pole before the beast. Gazing up at it the molten orbs take in its wonder as if it were of a Man. The desires building she presses the flesh against it  embracing the slaves need to pleasure.

dancer5 writhes against the pole delighting in the touch on a  naked beasts skin. The beat of the drum in the slave girls ear. Matching the hearts thudding. Sensually wrapping it in a calve and an arm, The frame melting worshiping the trunk. Starting to sway and roll the hips a natural desire is born.

dancer5 arches harshly yanked away from the bar by an invisible stranger. Fingers stretch out far, trying to keep it within her grasp. The tight belly pulled, as the bare feet drag the rest of the slave away. The music changing to an almost frenzied violent raging tune. Falling to her back dragging herself head first across the sands. The painted lips trembling with an unknown fear.

dancer5 bucks from the surface felorn eyes fixed on Him. Writhing fighting the invisible rope, keeping her from pleasing, twisting and contorting the belly. The breath heaving, panting in a mixed of fear and passion. Rolling  the fingers spread, the undulating belly grounded to sea worn glass. The firey one throws some  grains behind her.

dancer5 feels the music, the racing beat. Wallowing in the sands. Crawling the tiniest bit closer to the pole. Then throwing herself violently back from its reach pulled controlled by the mental barrier. Copper hair strewn covering the face. Body dueling the bonds to return to Masters caress. Each hort forward causing her to loose two on the floor.

dancer5 slowly slithers forward a begging branded creature on her belly. Pleading with bambi eyes. lower than a frevet chasing the insects, darting tugging the leash. Feet pushing toes curling, fingers clawing, worming through the worn down rocks. Not daring to raise a larls whisker higher. The thudding heart beat drowning out her ears.

dancer5 feels the music change the fervoured anger relenting. And the milky notes of the kalika turning more sensual. The jagged frame of the girl giving, the knees coming up to meet the belly. The fingers stretching forward splayed as thighs give to the burning slave belly the lionesses firey mane covers the sand a whimpering bow breaths catching from the swollen crushed chest.

dancer5 rises as the bond breaks the toned legs stretching rushing to the metal pole falling to the knees at its base the coppery hair tangles around it with swan like arms. The inhaled life force given from a simple gift to caress. Ruby lips crush to steel like a dina in a flower press ever changed but still as beautiful. The entwined girl sings out in triumph.

dancer5 slowly starts to sway the sultry dance of the pleasure beasts enticing returns. a beat start rhythmically matching the passion filled  heart. The fingers reach up pulling the girl with them twirling around the pole catching between the soft peach rubbing the delicious flesh swishing the fire locks whipping the bare spine with the speed.

dancer5 rocks from side to side suddenly arching back thighs split  between the bar. Falling to bent knees the sand cushioning the blow. Cheek crushing to the unmovable bar. The meare touch sending the slave girl aflutter. Her lip catching between pearl white teeth. The perky globes parted by a bar of silver the raging breath heaving in a slave’s breast.

dancer5 grinds down the pole, the belly slowly leaning back hips lifting pressing against the bar pristine cream flesh bar one brand on the slaves thigh curves back the arms crossing over the crimson locks pulling back till the harsh arch is formed. With no support a gorean bow that burns a slaves belly and trembles the thighs just to hold for mere ehn.

dancer5 collapses upon the sands backwards, splayed limbs sprawled as if a tortoise had been rolled on its back. The breast heaving up and down relieving oxygen starved muscles. The mess of red curls fan about the slaves face, as the music plays the last notes. The eyes hazy as if it were the morning after.

~la kajira~

Demoness> Our next dancer is a beginner, doing a Freestyle dance

Demoness> dancer7, to the pit!

dancer7 slow steps carry her to dancing pit, she hated and dreaded to dance. Hips sway giving hints of creamy white thighs as steps into the sands swatting down, small fingers drawing intricate designs, lifting to stand left foot swipes over the design angrily…

dancer7 walks around the pit feeling what’s in her heart: hate dread and bits of anger swirling in dark ocean eyes like hurricane, can feel eyes on her body, burning, something she hated the most was everyone watching. Shivers, goosebumps rising up on flesh, breathing in deeply she slowly lets it out and moves to the pole, fingers lightly trace over the hard surface

dancer7 presses forehead against the wood, couple of tears streak down pale cheeks leaving mark of resentment at being seen as just a thing to be toyed with, fire’s light illuminating for all to see, all to feel, quickly shaking head she pushes away from the wood. Spinning arms wrapping around herself hugging herself

dancer7 hearing the beating of drums, arms thrust open she spins around. Pulling on rope attached to the temwood reaches with other hand swaying back and forth breathing hard. Spins back to the pole hands smacking the wood. Arms reach up hugging, legs wrapping around  holding tight

dancer7 tosses a fiery glance around, hands clench into tight fists, sweeping low over and into the golden grains, lifting, soft rain of sand trickling in between her fingers as lock about the dark wood and trail upwards on it, sending her form tight and heated against strong rigid pole

dancer7 drops feet landing in sand, pushes away, hand lift, emotions brimming to surface, hand reaching to bare neck, swirling indigo gems glaring ripping at invisible collar. Anger leaves her.. slowly, giving room to rekindle forgotten fire as fingers softly lower on her breasts, then belly

dancer7 drums pounding can feel her own heartbeat matching the beat. Calming of the flutes melody she spins and twirls light on feet. Comes to a stop stomach rolling in waves at the fire building inside and curl of her spine absorbing the move. Eyes sweeping around gasping finding a set of dark eyes burrowing into her soul. Steps carry her over to Him

dancer7 drops to knees in the sand and crawls low across the pit towards Him. Sweat trickles across brow, pushes up hands pressing over open thighs, lifting delicate fingers towards the blue sky, chestnut mane falls in front of her face before head lifts and stormy blues lower for a few moments in humble submission

 “La Kajira”

Demoness> Our next dancer is advanced and it is a Freestyle dance

Demoness> dancer8, to the pit!

dancer8 is roused from her daydream by the pounding of tharlarion feet on the hard ground, the screech of tarns landing, the whooping and hollering of the many Warriors returning from a raid. Baskets marked with ‘Property of Thassa’ hit the ground before the animals are led off for food and water, then placed back into their pens. Heading out the back door she grabs a large sack and pulls it into the Inn *~*

dancer8 takes up a marking stick and clean sheet of rence to begin logging the bounty, mouth watering at the sight of a bar of chocolate, places botas of Falarian wine in the rack then turns to hang the liana vine, making sure both ends are sealed tight to keep the water fresh inside. Bottles of veminium scent are placed on the shelf with hope that one day she will be worthy of such a gift *~*

dancer8 almost loses her grip on the decorated Kantharos as the familiar whistle is heard over the flap of wings in the courtyard. Placing it on the counter she moves to the door, fingers smooth instinctively over the band of gold that has enslaved her neck for many years, kajira heart fills with pagar as He lands expertly on the perch, sliding off the great bird with a signal to her *~*

dancer8 ‘s fingers wrap about the handle of a basket that she filled earlier with chips of ice, a bag of ta-grapes, strawberries, ramberries and of course fresh larma, a small bota of ka-la-na completes the list of items nestled within, bare feet move silently but send a chorus of bells to ring out with each movement. Shake of head sends a waterfall of unruly curls to spiral down her back as she moves outside and to Him *~*

dancer8 giggles as she passes by the Master known as Tospit, the forever present sour look etched on His face, laughing as He commands a confused glana to veck. Leaving the bustle of the Inn behind her, she reaches the path up the mountain that will take her closer to her Owner, praying that all the hunting sleen are locked tightly in their pens, almost running to close the pasang between Him and her *~*

dancer8 ‘s heart constricts as He comes into her view, looking so out of place surrounded by the dina that grows on the hillside, the tired Warrior weary after battle but always has a smile for the one He owns. He opens one dark eye to take in her form before He motions for her to put down the basket, she bursts into laughter as He holds up a verr pouch just out of her reach, resisting the temptation to climb over Him to grab it *~*

dancer8 groans as He holds the bag over her head, knowing what He wants before she will be allowed a peek at what treasure He has, a sultry purr rises from the column of a slender neck encased in gold, passion stirs from depths within as deft fingers untie the knot over a sculptured shoulder, ta-teera slides down to puddle at her feet, leaving the lingering scent of talender in the air *~ *

dancer8 draws a length of leg high, soft mewls blend with the whirlwind of her emotional constrain, inner storm heightens with the blooming heat of the slave like a flaminium seedling seeking sun and water, palms circle a jeweled navel before teasing over succulent flesh, eyes as green as the leaves of the Flahdah that cast shadows over the erotic canvas, lock upon Him as deft fingers play over what is His *~*

dancer8 moans as the music that plays within her heart ignites a fire deep within her core, willow arms lift above golden disarray then cross as though hiths in heat before lowering down to cup generous breasts, thumbs brushing velvety nipples to tight buds, serpentine tongue trained to drive men wild slips from a moist cavern to tease over candied lips, the gesture drawing on His senses as emerald eyes flash with wanton intent *~*

dancer8 reaches up to pull the herlit bone from her hair, liquid fire moves the hips of the seductive houri in suggestive gyration, falling to her knees to press burning flesh into the ground at His feet, thighs part to reveal sweet glistening oil of lustful need, the lingering aroma of a she-sleen in heat swirls about Him like a shroud, the hunger rages and only He can release the feral beast that hides within *~*

dancer8 draws in a haggered breath, each part of the harlots body burning with animalistic, carnal need, begging to be taken, to be ravished, to be brought to life as the pounding of the kaska in her mind send hips to writhe in sweet surrender, a savage growl escapes as a shapely ass that longs to be spanked by His large, meaty hands sways in total abandonment, tapered fingers gather mesh of hair into a knot *~*

dancer8 drags her eyes over the length of His strong body, not only loving Him but still IN love with Him, slender fingers reach out to slip up a leather clad leg to tickle the back of His knee then tug on a leg hair, impish beast grins as He pulls her hand free and slips the flame opal ring from the pouch and on to her finger, then whispers the word that has so much meaning to them… Mine

~@~ la`kajira

Demoness> Our next dancer is Advanced, she is doing a Passion Dance

Demoness> dancer9, to the pit!

dancer9 ‘s rosy lips tug into a wry smile, fierce gaze roaming hungrily along the numerous Free, leaning forward, slim digits pressing to stone, chills rushing over heated, polished porcelain under flickering amber radiance, ass lifting from crossed heels, crawling towards pit of sand, a purr falling from barely parted lips, breasts swaying with each alternate of hand… knee… hand… knee, edges of lavender grazing over shapely ass, shadows leaving glimpses of beast’s pure heat

dancer9 slips through coarse sands, toes sinking to their depths, lithe form rising to a knee so small foot can drag along until a half moon is drawn, enhancing every curve as it hugs close to kneeling form, head tossing back, golden locks bouncing, dancing shadows along curvature of back as it arches to raise breasts, pearly fangs capturing bottom lip, delicate touch grazing down ivory flesh as thighs brush through sand to part wantonly, upper cheeks warming to a hint of cardinal as gaze roams, hungry once again

dancer9 lets gaze fall to the floor as music floats outward, caressing ears, subtle movements beginning, shoulders rolling, one, then the other, breasts held steady behind drapes of spring flowers betraying the hunger, the lust that warms, head rolling as nails rake up along thighs, leaving crimson waves along creamy skin in their wake. heat radiating as hungry nails continue towards source of heat, crossing over bare mound before gliding along existing marks, encouraging growl from behind captured pouty lip, luscious hips gently grinding back against firm heels

dancer9 ‘s hips gain momentum, gently rocking her entirely, her hands gripping at edges of kirtle, tugging them sharply against outline of succulent form, chin lifting as eyes peer to the three moons, simple digit caught between teeth, a jump of flames flashing a silhouette of the girl behind her, an image full of pleas, speaking more than words ever could, head tilting down slowly, eyes feasting on those before her, tongue wetting parched lips

dancer9 ‘s lips fall parted to a slight ‘o,’ hand snaking up between valley of breasts, taking kirtle with to reveal just a moment of need before releasing it to float back to cover, hand continuing up to wrap gentle grip around throat, palm grazing simple collar, a shiver racing down arched spine, hips rolling forward, free hand jutting to sand behind for support, legs sliding free, kicking out, sending a puff of sand up, knees drawn to chest, though spread, a foot curled in to cast shadow over desperation below, intense Azul gaze glimmering through cloud of sandy dust

dancer9 rocks up to knees sharply as dust begins to settle, dainty foot darting out to cut through sand in one fluid twirl, completing the circle, light touch of wool slipping from shoulders, melting with heat of beast, low growl complimenting beads of sweat forming,  glistening with each lick of fire’s spark, gentle shake of head tossing golden locks, fingertips brushing along scalp as they tangle within unruly heap, sharp tug extending curves to follow raised chin

dancer9 releases locks, trailing softer touch down back of neck, teasing at collar, hooking under it to purr softly, knowing it fulfills her slutty needs, before continuing down, letting kirtle pool around feet, shuffled steps lending naked form free, high cheeks burning as she dips at waist,  lifting the discarded bit of wool, tugging up between lightly kissing thighs, velvet muscle darting out to wet lips as gasp heaves chest when it tickles along heat, flick of wrist casting it aside

dancer9 ‘s periwinkle orbs glaze over and lock gaze with One as knees buckle to drop whorish beast, melting to bara, muscled arms parting seas of tiny crystals, feet kicking up behind to sprinkle sand over pale flesh,  the gentle sparkle under that familiar glow revealing a hint of the slut hiding behind haloed locks, a few stray ones falling to leave piercing gaze behind tiny veils, rolling to back, taking handfuls of granules as heels dig ruts with a growl, hips lifted a few inches, chest heaving for a few ehn

dancer9 rocks back up, knees dragging under to support weakened frame, heat raging through beast from head to toe, soft caress cupping breasts, fingers catching each nipple to tug sharply, equally pointed gasp escaping behind catch of lip, hands releasing and sinking to sand once again,  ivory thighs sliding through to press firmly together, heat escaping into tight kiss, touch lifting to slap against bara, lips tugged to grin as her freedom in slavery, her passion, her need, her inner slut free to roam, to be met with equal carnal needs and desires of those who claim her

dancer9 lowers to fours, beads of sand captured by droplets of sweat, chest rising and falling rapidly as slow movements lead around the now broken circle, the blind need casting all aside, all except thoughts of One, sinking to rest upon knees in pool of fire, a slut’s need heightened, a burning inferno, fingertips trailing feather light on way to draped thighs, coming to rest palms up towards the sky, gaze lifting to meet One before charcoal veils flutter over glossy blues, only a soft purr heard as music simmers out.

~La kajira~

Demoness> Our next dancer is a beginner, and is doing Freestyle

Demoness> dancer10. to the pit

dancer10 rolls onto soft heels, slender form lifts, yellow silks pressing firmly against her ample busom, caramel flesh kissed with sweat beads that glisten in the Home’s lighting, feather-light steps with a slight bounce carries her to the dance pit

dancer10 slips behind a room screen set up earlier in the day, places the armlet with the yellow and red silks hanging from it on her well defined arm, the armlet coming to rest above her slender elbow defining her arm like a Master’s arms, as she slides the second up, peeks out, her eyes stare at the onlookers a bold redness to them, then lowers them along with her head, slender arms lift above her head, muscles taut as hands position themselves back to back, waits for the music to start

dancer10 inhales deeply as the music starts, fingers cause the cymbals to ring out, a smile spreads slowly across her black lips as her hips begin to sway, moist pink tongue glides wickedly over her full ripe lips, waist and ankle bells sound, arms slowly lower to shoulder height, dancing on air to the music, yellow silks sway with each movement, her silky long salt and pepper mane sways  like the sar tarna grain in the gentle breeze of the evening air, red eyes keen as the war tarn’s eyes examining all of her surroundings

dancer10 hips shake seductively as she slowly turns in the dance circle to the rhythm of the music, coming full circle, lowers to soft knees, hands to rest on soft supple caramel thighs, heart beating strong as there is a change in the music tempo, the music becoming more primal. the beat becoming more primal, jumps to her feet, begins swinging arms up and down, lustful and animalistic in their movements, fingers snapping open and shut to the primal beat, nipples erect, pressing against the yellow silks, moist tongue darting out teasingly, spins then drops to her knees, hands grabbing the sand in the pit, throws it with force above, growls like a she sleen obsessed

dancer10 head snaps to the side, red eyes dart around the room, glancing to each onlooker, hands seductively glide up her luscious frame as she turns her body to them, thighs parted wide, cymbals tossed to the side, fingers move to a claw position, reaches out, she was clawing out as she moves from the back of the circle slowly pulling her frame along making a train of serpentine like  a python in the sand, and eyes desperately looking for the One…

dancer10 her body becomes paralyzed seeing the Free who causes such turmoil of emotions in the slight girl, slithers back till her body returns to a proper kneel, head falls forward, arms lift above her head, hands back to back, sweat dripping into a pool below her, breasts heaving up and down as she offers her surrender and the music ends

la kajira

Demoness> Our next to last dance is Advanced, Freestyle, I cant wait!

Demoness> Dancer15, to the pit!

dancer15 rises and walks to the dance pit where she scans the room of onlookers and smiles as she begins

dancer15 The girl walks to the dance floor, voluptuous hips sway with a natural rhythm, the bright blue eyes look around the room glancing at the gathering of Free coming to watch this slave offering herself to the special Free, as They will be witnessing the enticing dance of lust and love, like an aphrodisiac to the senses.

dancer15 sees a gathering Free while glancing up briefly looking at the various colors of eyes looking on the lithe form,eyes colors reminding of the shades of blue like the Thassa, dark almost the black as the moonless night in the gorean sky, golden as the sar tarna grain and blue as the sunny sky, steel grey the colors of the collar, all watching with criticizing eyes

dancer15 her heart beats nervously as seeing the eyes looking at her, she says a silent prayer that this dance will be acceptable and express the girls true heart. Lifting her hand in the direction of the musicians group on the other end of the dance area and the music begins. The rhythm causes the form to expand thin arms moving out to the sides of torrid body the red silks dangle off  her arms,

dancer15 her delectable form aching for the touch of the Free, coaxing her heart to race as quickly as the small migratory deft birds wings fluttering to remain part of the flock.her hips roll as the silks slide on her pelvic bones, her golden chain reflecting the torch lights as she raises her right hand in a motion like she is reaching up to pluck a butterfly from the air.

dancer15 Missing the target, she pulls her arm back around her head as she gyrates her hips and picks up her right foot leaving only the toes on the ground, she pulls the silk skirt up her leg as the tapered leg is bent at the knee, she takes a breath and lifts her leg straight out as she throws her arm overhead pointing the same direction then turns as she lowers the leg

dancer15 and raise the arms so she spins and the silks flair from her, she stops and walks from the center of the room, her heart thundering as she walks past Free, lightly her tapered fingers trace against the Masters faces slowly lightly as a butterfly landing on a finger, she pulls her fingers over the cheeks

dancer15 she turns and lifts her arms again, mimicking the motion of a bird would raise its wings to fly, but realizes she is grounded, then raises both hands overhead as she begins to spin and turn the silks flair from her form as the beat of the music increases she spins more, then she holds her arms up one more time and continues to turn , as the music slows her spinning

dancer15 decreases, and she holds her arms out behind her and the music stops.Slowly takes a breath her heart racing as she feels her nipples becoming hard as topsit stones .The music resumes again as she glances around the room, eyes watching as she feels the yearning for the touch, capturing her lithe form.she swings her hips and looks in the direction of a Master, she spins again on her toes, the swirl of the silks floating around her like the wings of the tarn flying overhead, her heart aches and screams a silent prayer that the special one takes her uses her and allows her to love again

dancer15 her bright blue eyes glance down as sees how her nipples press against the silks swirling around then the calling of the bird draws her attention, like the intention that the special One calls her heart to obey. her heart racing as she looks once again at the special One, silently her rapidly beating heart makes her yearn for the touch. Her heat begins to pulsate as she looks in the direction, needing and wanting, her bells toll out as She raises her hands over her head as the music causes her to sway, moving slowly as her hips begin to sway and gyrate against the heated air of the room.

dancer15 The tempo of the music increases matching her racing heart she spreads her arms like she spreads her thighs when tempting and coaxing the Free to take her, use her and cause the girl to beg to be used, the eyes scan and search for the special One, only those eyes can calm her racing heart, only those eyes can give her the solace that her heart aches for the music stops and she put her hands down at her side as she turns and walks from the dancefloor.

~la kajira~

Demoness> Our last dance of the evening, Advanced, Dance of the Tuchuk slave

Demoness> dancer12, to the pit!

dancer12 silverish glow of the Moons harmonize with flicker of the flames, smoke from the fires and voices as girl steps carry her slowly though the mist of night, a blurry charcoal form clad only in a bit of scarlet scarf draped loosely around girl’s hips that move along with grace of a larl, slow at beginning, as if would try to set tone to the low chant that strains into Tuchuk Harriga Enclosure.

dancer12 bare feet sink in the grass in cadenced rhythm and lift with pointy toes, as Tuchuk Blue Sky Song takes over, sending a beast in maddening twirl, savage appearance in the night, dancing her beauty around the fire, as if no one would watch her, as if would be alone and free, silhouette thumbling and twisting, turning and contorting like fall’s leaf in the windy night

dancer12 moves like water, transformed by music, flowing in graceful arcs, spiraling and twisting, her body transfixed, speaking mutely of savage nature, a delicate dina in the summer breeze, a snow flake in the winters blizzard, the flutter of the silken scarf the petals of flaminium carried like a whisper, branches of trees her arms in savage sway and gentle kiss of sunny rays in golden vivid mane

dancer12 a czehar cords strung soft, calling her, tempting with its gentle sound, while sinks low in the darkness; Masters and slaves voices around her fade, as if a background in her mind; the nights chill breeze gently blow stray blonde locks over her face, shoulders and breasts almost translucent like a frail veil for love, full moons heave softly with sharp inflow, longing dull, fiery ache deep in slave belly

dancer12 whine of a lyre tempts her moves, flared hips swing side to side in heated passion, voluptuous frame outlined by the fire, gleaming with beads of perspiration; raged spins send her around the fire, helplessly losing herself in the beat, uninhibited, motions frenzied with lust filled passion and untapped desire, eyes waste no haste as move from One to Other before stops in a long ehn of stillness

dancer12 moves once again, flesh shimmers into the firelight and silverish glow of moons with each undulation, guided by natural instinct to excel in a slave’s bondage so that she can hope to be exquisite enough for a Masters touch; whimpered moan flows from lips, echoing the wild beats of her heart, dewey beads trickle in frail trails, sending shivers of pleasure as flow between full breasts, like a river of wamth

dancer12 ‘s belly quivers from licks of wanton lava, red fingertips rush over sizzling hot flesh, removing tiny bit of scarf that hides slave heat, draping it gently over peaks and valleys, soft touch eliciting wanton whimpers to already sear lips. Chill air of night attempting to ease a beasts fire, useless; carpet of grass calling her as lowers to her knees and lets herself lean back, writhing in dewy fresh caress

dancer12 multicolor bangles, gleely rattle on wrists, adding to beat as hands continue to glide teasing silk over brazen flesh, in futile  attempt to alleviate raging fires within; from collared throat and over dusky morsels, achingly awake, begging for attention and down to flame consumed belly and glistening pink of her heat, as beast oscillates between frustration of unmet engulfing need and maddening desire

dancer12 rolls on her belly and crawls to closest guard, driven only by savage vital instinct; flames nearness add to a beast’s fervor as moves forward, lips seek Man’s boot and covers it in kisses and licks, hopping to be granted the essential touch she begs for with passion; humble and submissive at first, brazen and courageous as crawls her way up on His leg, pleading wordlessly for much needed deliverance

dancer12 cold piercing eyes and pattern of scars on His face discouraging, making a slave’s body coil and twist in utter defeat at His feet, before her focus drifts to next Man, hoping for His mercy and crawls low in His direction, whole body trembling almost deliriously, manliness irresistibly intoxicating, calling a helpless heated beast to presses ardent flesh against His side and let out a cry of need into the night

dancer12 is urged away with cold gaze and sharp command ‘Dance!’ and fleets to feet and dances for Their entertainment; slower at first, as if would gentle whisper of wind into the thigh-high Gorean sa-tarna fields, speaking of lust and passion with each turn and undulation of curves and sway of golden mane; desiring to be an instrument of pleasure for mastery scrutinous gaze and balm for sore eyes

dancer12 dances, as if would never stop or tire, silver TriMoons fire glow in tear filled eyes, making them sparkle more with starvation and ardour, as learns once again the true power of Men and her savage hearts and bodies sensual beauty, hunger and desire; barbaric moves at times, followed by unhurried lust filled moves, until falls, consumed by own craving, at one of the Men’s feet, uttering defeated

~La kajira~

Demoness> Thank you, give us a few moments to tally the scores and what not please!

Demoness> thank You to all who joined us this evening, please give a round of applause to our Judges whom I am sure had a tough time, Radnor, A|dric, Bena and Serenity!

<Serenity> And a round of applause to Demoness and all of her VERY hard work putting this together!

{lara}RH claps loudly

gem{KK} claps for the Judges and Mistress D!

dancer10 claps loudly for the Judges

A|dric stands and bows

kitsunique> well done, Mistress Demoness 😀

ailla]Pro> claps 

mina claps for the Judges and Mistress Demoness

{lara}RH claps feverently for Mistress Demoness

Keeva claps for my Sister, great job Demoness

merida claps loudly

 enya smiles brightly and claps for the Judges

dancer10 claps loudly for Lady Demoness, wolf whistles

dancer15 throws bacon instead of flowers

Demoness smiles wide

 cheeri{O} claps excitedly

cara claps for the judges and Mistress Demoness

&Radnor claps for Demoness

Demoness> Ok, now the dancers are revealed….

Demoness> Dancer1- kitsunique…dancer2- merida…dancer3-{evie}K> Dancer4- {gem}KK…Dancer5..cadence{T}..Dancer7..najila…dancer8..{cerys}A..dancer9..{angel}D…dancer10..lana{KK}dancer 11..{shiva]KK, and dancer 12 {lara}RH

Demoness> Thank you ladies

Demoness> Alright, the moment you’ve been waiting for

Demoness does a drumroll

Demoness> The runner up of the beginners level with a cash prize of $10 is…{evie}K!

Demoness> Now the winner of the beginners level, with a cash prize of $25 is….

Demoness> kitsunique!

Demoness> Runner up for Advanced with a cash prize of $10 is…{cerys}A!

Demoness> I think you are all winners, great effort from everyone!

Demoness> The winner for Advanced with a cash prize of $25 is…{lara}RH!!!!