Passions of En`Var Dance Contest Scoring


The dancers who have some dance experience may perform at beginners’ level. Enter as a Beginner if you have not danced before or have only done one to two dances.


These dancers are the most experienced. They have often been a part of Gor for a long time and danced often for their home and/or their Owner. These dancers have won awards in the lower levels and graduated to advanced rank.

~Scoring System~

Maximum Possible Score = 20 points

~10 Possible Points: Theme~

If a Gorean dance from the books is performed, points are awarded for how well the dance expresses the meaning, depth and emotion of that particular dance. For a list of Gorean dances, see our page on Dances of Gor.

If the dancer chooses to create her own dance in the Gorean style, points are awarded for how well the dancer expresses her own theme, meaning, and emotion.

~10 Possible Points: Creative expression and Flow~

Points are awarded for the display of unique personality and style, showcasing the intriguing differences between slave girls.

The correct use of Gorean words will be recognized and bring a higher score.

Gorean words that are spelled incorrectly do not count.

Overuse of the words “she,” “her” and “and” will result in points being taken off.

If the Dance does not seem to flow or is not coherent, points will be taken off.

~Points and the Length of the Dance~

Beginner level dancers will have 8 posts minimum, 10 posts maximim, to share their dance

Advanced level dancers will have 10 posts minimum, 12 posts maximum, to share their dance

The use of the phrase ~la kajira~ at the end will not be counted as a post.

Please make sure that you do not go over the post in a dance, if you have a run on script, this will make it appear as a separate post in some clients.

Additional posts beyond the maximum will be disregarded.

Deductions will be applied if extra posts appear in either the slave’s name or that of a free person.

Points will be deducted if dance has fewer than the minimum number of posts per dancing level.

~Other Point Deductions~

Several things found in a dance might incur additional point deductions up to 5 points:

Tossing wishes (singling out a Free person or a Home as part of the dance, seeking favor)

Public masturbation (finger or object inserted into vagina or blatant rubbing of clitoris)

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