Passions of En`Var Dance Contest Procedures

Date and time of the Passions of En`Var Dance Contest is June 19th, 2021, Saturday, 4pm EST (North American date and time)

~Contest Day Procedure~

1. Dancers will be asked to come to the backstage room #DemonsLair prior to the dance.

2. You will be asked to change your name and ID and anything that identifies you, until your dance is over.

3. Dancers will dance under a Name such as Dancer1, Dancer 2..etc.

4. You will be allowed to leave, with whispered permission, after your dance and come back as your name in a set amount of time.

In order to avoid any additional posting in the Dance room all dancers can use:

/me leaves with whispered permission from Mistress Demoness.

If you are muted, you may just leave.

KK Dancers are to be in both the dance room, #Gorean_Dance , and the backstage room, #DemonsLair as well as KK , so that KK will be served if anyone wanders in, and will leave with whispered permission when it is time to change names to dance.

The rooms for all dancers to be in are: #Gorean_Dance and #DemonsLair. KK slaves will also be in KK to look after the Home.

Passions of En`Var Radio Ad is sponsored by Radio Airwaves, The People’s Station, courtesy of Master Lu’Kel.