In Koroban Kaverns

A corner of the kitchen in Koroban Kaverns, the premier IRC Gor home on

The Hall of Koroban Kaverns is the largest room in the Hold. On this side, we stand at the furthest end of the Hall near the Main Hearth. The Hearth needs its ash emptying once every few days into sacks that can be used as fertilizers for the Jarl’s lands… It has a large mantle which has some treasures upon it, but one you need to know is this pair of Flint-stones. Should you need to light the Hearth, you will need to collect straw from the bosk-sheds, as well as kindling and fire-logs from the dry-wood-store.

Looking down the Hall, you will notice the central fireplace in the middle of the room, an in-hall bonfire of sorts which will also need to be tended to, as well as a sand-pit next to it for dancing and demonstrations. To the sides you will see two large tables that run down the hall, with a couple of benches here and there… Since we’ve so many Northern Free, many choose to sit on the Larl and Bosk furs, though Southern Free may still find a place to be.

Further still you see the Main Door to the Hall, That leads to the Courtyard, where you’ll find the Well…The Bosk Sheds… The Wood-cutter’s stump… And the Washing Lines. To the Right of the Main Door, you see there a small door that leads to the Dry-wood-store I mentioned earlier. To the right of the Door is a small set of stairs that leads to Guest Rooms and a set of Chambers for the Free

The Kitchen is rather extensive. Over on the closest wall on the right-hand side is a work-surface which contains a sink, as well as cupboards above and below. Atop you will find the vessels for the Free, below you will find some dry-good ingredients, temwood crockery and other useful items for cooking.

 On the far side wall is a series of barrels, two of which are assigned for Fresh water from the Well outside in the Courtyard. We need to top up the barrels on an almost daily basis with the buckets found to the side of it. On the left-hand side, you will find a Clay-oven for roasting and baking, and next to that you will find a small rack of bottled drinks at room temperature. Beside this going left is the Kitchen Hearth.

 The Kitchen Hearth contains three spits: Closest, Middle, Farthest. You will often find warm Botas of paga hanging on the middle spit for a quick serve to the Mistress Demoness- The Mistress is very fond of Her paga. You may also find some kettles attached for hot and warm water.

 The top of the cupboard. Up there is also a small pitcher that we use to fill the Tharlarion Lamps – you will need a stool to reach that high which can be found here, under the central Table. The Central table has a chained down knife just below it in a drawer – but most of the time, the Free wish us to use Cutting shells, which can be found in the opposing drawer.

The rafters of the kitchen.  And of course, you may find some items hung up on hooks, such as fresh meats. Over there is the Kitchen Larder, you’ll find Cheeses and Dry goods for serving in there.”

Over to the opposing corner of the kitchen, showing a door that leads down a few stairs. “Down there heads to the Cellar, there you will find a cold room which holds chilled goods and beverages. There are also several barrels, some of which have food and one also has some Tharlarion Oil for the refilling of the lamps.”

To the kitchen archway and heads out of the kitchens, the kennels conveniently only being next door over in the hall, as they have started in the farthest left corner of the Hall.

Kennels can be found lined around the sides of the room with chains inside, with a pen in the corner over there. In the center of the room, you will find the bondmaid’s hearth along with some slave-mats and furs for the girls.

The Jarl’s Forge… As far as this one is aware, we may enter the forge, but not touch anything… Jarl OdinsRune  work hard in there and does not wish their projects disturbed.

There is Only Three spaces in the Forge that are of any interest to slaves – There is a rack in there that the Jarl will use to Brand or punish if needs be… There is a Storeroom in the back which is also accessible from the outside, usually filled with metals or items concerning the Free, and lastly there is a Catapult which rests outside…

We don’t talk about the Catapult.

Be Good and Don’t Get in the Jarls’ way, You won’t need to know about the Catapult.

and that concludes the Tour.