Gorean Measurements

Directions & Maps

“Briefly, for those it might interest, all directions on the planet are calculated from the Sardar Mountains, which for the purposes of calculating direction play a role analogous to our north pole; the two main directions, so to speak, in the Gorean way of thinking are Ta-Sardar-Var and Ta-Sardar-Ki-Var, or as one would normally say, Var and Ki-Var; ‘Var’ means a turning and ‘Ki’ signifies negation; thus, rather literally, one might speak of ‘turning to the Sardar’ and ‘not turning to the Sardar’, something like either facing north or not facing north; on the other hand, more helpfully, the Gorean compass is divided into eight, as opposed to our four, main quadrants, or better said, divisions, and each of these itself is of course subdivided. There is also a system of latitude and longitude figured on the basis of the Gorean day, calculated in Ahn, twenty of which constitute a Gorean day, and Ehn and Ihn, which are subdivisions of the Ahn, or Gorean hour.


~Ta-Sardar-Var ~ North ~

~Rim ~ East

~Vask or Verus Var ~ South

~Klim ~ West


~The Sardar fairs are responsible for standardization of the official measurements, and upheld by Merchant law.  Each city keeps their standard for Merchants or anyone of their city to compare, and may at the fairs test theirs against the official weights and measures.


  -Hort: a Gorean inch.  It measures approximately 1.25 of our own inch. Tape measures marked in horts are often used to measure slaves.

  -Foot: called the Gorean Foot or Merchant Foot is ten horts or roughly twelve and a half inches.

  -Hand: used to  measure mounts or animals, no actual comparison in inches is given. On Earth, horses are measured in hands, and one hand equals 4 inches.

-Ah-il: used to measure cloth -the length from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, though no actual comparison in inches is given.

-Ah-ral: ten Ah-il.

  -Pace: close to the English yard.

  -Spear Length: approximately  six to seven feet.

-Pasang: the Gorean mile that measures .7 of our own.

~Liquid Volume

   -Gill: as a measure of liquid volume is used only once. But in another reference, “The leech plant can draw a considerable amount of blood in a short time”. Perhaps this means a gill is a “considerable amount”. In any event, no Earth comparison is stated.

-Talu: approximately two gallons.

~Dry Volume

Tef: a handful with the five fingers closed, not open.

-Tefa: six such handfuls, which is a tiny basket.

-Huda: five of these tiny baskets.


 -Stone: about four Earth pounds.

-Weight: ten stone.