Free Persons of Koroban Kaverns

The double dragon is the symbol of Koroban Kaverns, an IRC-based Gorean community on

Koroban Kaverns is an IRC-based online community of people from all over the world. Its rich history dates to the long-ago mists of the late 1990s, and over the course of its existence it has been hosted on Austnet,, Bondage International, and now

DemonessOwner and Mistress of slavesPanther
RadnorKeeper and First SwordWarrior
Keeper and Second Sword
Lu~KelAmbassador and KeeperScribe
NachOzKeeperCheese Maker
RavenHeart KeeperTuchuk
TriacPledged FreeAssassin
Welsh_Wo|fPledged FreeJarl
PrimalPledged FreeJarl
AmataPledged FreeScribe