Free Persons of Koroban Kaverns

The double dragon is the symbol of Koroban Kaverns, an IRC-based Gorean community on

Koroban Kaverns is an IRC-based online community of people from all over the world. Its rich history dates to the long-ago mists of the late 1990s, and over the course of its existence it has been hosted on Austnet,, Bondage International, and now

DemonessOwner and Mistress of slavesPanther
Lu`KelAmbassador and KeeperScribe
CayneSecond SwordJarl
NachOzKeeperCheese Maker
ShadowWalkerPledged FreeScribe
Lord_RavenPledged FreeWarrior
Primal Pledged FreeJarl
GreyCeltPledged FreeAssassin
OdinsRunePledged FreeJarl
RavenHeart Pledged FreeTuchuk
TriacPledged Free-Always RememberedAssassin
Welsh_Wo|fPledged FreeJarl
GrayWolfPledged Free
AndrasMusakiPledged FreeAssassin
Kal`DarionPledged FreeMetal Worker
Immortal_TyrantPledged FreeWarrior
DaisiePledged Free
AmataPledged FreeScribe